August 2021

BELAZ presents prototype of an all-electric mining dump truck

BELAZ is one of the first OEMs in the world to present a prototype of an all-electric mining dump truck, the BELAZ-7558E.

BELAZ presents prototype of an all electric mining dump truck. This is a completely new type of mining haul truck, featuring batteries instead of a diesel engine. The operation of such type of truck is economically profitable – the cost per ton is much lower compared to the traditional diesel-powered trucks of the same capacity. But, most importantly, this technology allows to completely avoid harmful emissions into the atmosphere and improve the carbon footprint on sites where these trucks will be utilised.

BELAZ has been working on this battery-powered dump truck concept for several years already, and an experimental prototype of this innovative machine was released at the end of last year. It was branded the 7558E Belaz truck.

The electric mining dump truck is based on the BELAZ-7558 family, with a payload capacity of 90 t and a nett weight of 76 t. It can reach a maximum speed of 64 km/h. This is the most compact model of all mining dump trucks of the world's leading brands that are equipped with an AC/AC electromechanical transmission. With the drive train already electric, the challenge was basically to have enough energy storage capacity and controlling the energy.

The chosen battery type is lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide batteries. They will be installed (on present production models) in the engine, alternator, fuel tank and cooling pack bay. In total there are 15 batteries with a combined energy capacity of 675 kWh. The rated power of the power plant is 640 kW.

The power reserve on a single charge will be at least two hours with a full load of 90 t and on uphill hauling on slope of no more than 10%. After several cycles “loading – transporting – unloading”, it will be necessary to recharge. The operating time of a dump truck between recharges depends on the operating conditions. With downhill hauling, a charge will last for 8 hours, if uphill hauling, a charge will last for two hours. Charging is quick, about 20 – 30 minutes is required for a full charge from a special recharging station. The manufacturer of the batteries installed on the prototype BELAZ-7558E is a South Korean company.

Prototype testing is expected to be completed during the last quarter of 2022. Production of this electric truck will start in 2023 already. According to marketing experts, BELAZ will be able to sell at least 20 such electric dump trucks annually at first.

The advantages of these dump trucks are:

  • Economy – there are no costs for diesel fuel, engine oils, maintenance costs are reduced and productivity is increased;
  • Environmental friendliness – complete absence of exhaust gases;
  • Safety, since harm to the health of the driver is reduced by reducing noise and vibration.
  • Annual savings from the operation of BELAZ electric mining truck, taking into account the cost of energy and energy carriers, reducing the cost of its maintenance, delivery and storage of diesel fuel, will be about R1-million.

April 2021

New dump truck with AC/AC drive system arrives in SA.

Featuring an AC/AC transmission drive system by General Electric and Belaz, the Belaz-75311 dump truck from Mynbou Rigs Afrika is ideal for transporting loosened rock at open-pit mines.


Belaz Africa recently received three new Belaz-75311 mining dump trucks with a payload capacity of 240 t. Available from Mynbou Rigs Afrika, these trucks are ideal for the transportation of rock mass in complex technical conditions at deep mines, opencast mining sites, and on technological roads.

Mynbou Rigs Afrika CEO Dmitry Venchyk says the Belaz-75311 features a Tier 1 four-cycle 1 864 kW MTU diesel engine with a V-type cylinder arrangement, direct fuel injection, electric control system, gas turbine charging, and intermediate cooling of the charged air. He says the 16-cylinder engine produces maximum torque of 10 150 Nm at 1 500 rpm.

“Air filtration is done through a three-stage filter with dry-type elements, and exhaust gas is evacuated via the body structure. It uses a forced circulation type lubrication system, under pressure with a ‘wet’ crankcase oil-pan design.”

The Belaz-75311 features a double-circuit fluidtype cooling system with forced circulation and a cooling system impeller drive featuring hydraulic clutch with automatic control. Oil cooling is done through a water-to-oil heat exchanger.

Electromechanical transmission

The General Electric AC electromechanical transmission allows for effective start after loading with an excavator, optimal traction on the road slopes of quarries, low operating costs and excellent compatibility with harsh environments. The transmission comprises an AC electric drive with traction alternator; two traction electric motors; motor-wheel reduction gear units; microprocessor control system, as well as adjustment and control devices. It also features a differential, double-row planetary motor-wheel reduction gear unit and can achieve a maximum speed of 64 km/h.


The reliability and durability of the load-bearing elements of the dump truck structure, including the frame, drive axle and front axle, are the result of modern design, confirmed BELAZ factory tests; advanced power plants; a high technical level of components and assemblies, and the use of highstrength materials in their manufacture. “Its bucket-type body is a welded structure with fall-over protection system (FOPS),” says Venchyk. “It has a protective canopy and it uses its exhaust gas for heating. It also has a device for mechanical locking in raised position, and rock deflectors and ejectors.”


The BELAZ-75311 features a two-seat, two-door cab with an additional passenger seat and adjustable, pneumatically cushioned operator’s seat. The cab complies with the standards EN 474-1 and EN 474-6 for permissible internal sound, vibration, poisonous substance concentration and dust levels. According to Venchyk, the noise level inside the cab does not exceed 85 dB and the cab is ROPS compliant. The Belaz-75311 features an ISO 5010 compliant hydrostatic steering system, with the front wheels steerable to a rotation angle of 39°. It has a turning radius of 15 m and an overall turning diameter of 34 m. “The cab’s large window area also provides an excellent view of the road, making for better handling of the truck,” says Venchyk.


The braking system complies with the safety requirements of ISO 3450 and comprises service, parking, auxiliary and emergency brakes. “The service brakes on the front and rear wheels are dry disk brakes with automatic clearance adjustment. The disks are mounted on the shafts of traction electric motors,” says Venchyk. The parking brake system on the rear wheels comprises constantly-closed brake gears with spring actuation and hydraulic control, while the auxiliary brakes feature electrodynamic braking with traction electric motors in alternator mode, and forced aircooling for the brake resistors.


The truck features a combined hydraulic system for body hoist and steering, as well as for the brake system. The body hoist cylinders are telescopic, with three stages and one double-action stage. Also featured is a double-section, axial-piston, variable-flow oil pump.


The Belaz-75311 is fitted with conventional suspension for both front and rear wheels, featuring two pneumohydraulic (nitrogen and oil) cylinders with in-built hydraulic dampers on each axle. Cylinder piston stroke is 320 mm and 290 mm in the front and rear, respectively. An integrated shock absorber provides shock absorption, lateral roll stability, and frame durability.

Standard equipment

Standard features on the Belaz-75311 include a remote-controlled fire-suppression system; video surveillance; automatic centralised lubrication; telemetering for tire inflation control; a loading and fuel control system, and a heater and conditioner unit, among others.

Key takeaways

  • The Belaz-75311 from Mynbou Rigs Afrika is ideal for the transportation of rock mass in complex technical conditions
  • The dump truck features a Tier 1 four-cycle 1 864 kW MTU diesel engine with a V-type cylinder arrangement
  • Air filtration is done through a three-stage filter with dry-type elements, and exhaust gas is evacuated via the body structure
  • The General Electric AC electromechanical transmission allows for effective start after loading with an excavator, optimal traction on the road slopes of quarries, low operating costs and excellent compatibility with harsh environments.
  • The service brakes on the front and rear wheels are dry disk brakes with automatic clearance adjustment

February 2021

BELAZ Africa recently received 3 new dump trucks BELAZ-75311 with a payload capacity of 240 tonnes in South Africa. These trucks optimally combine payload, performance and comfort.

BELAZ-75311 is one of the novelties in its class of payload capacity with General Electric AC / AC transmission, advanced functionality, fuel efficiency, high maneuverability, smooth running and stability on the road. Innovative technical solutions make the 240-ton truck reliable, safe and maximally efficient in work, and this is exactly what the modern consumer of mining equipment chooses. The new 240-ton truck is an organic combination of traditions and experience, progressive technical and design solutions in the design and manufacture of mining equipment.

To choose a new generation of dump truck BELAZ-75311 is to give preference to: - high productivity; - reliability in operation; - efficiency; - lower cost per ton of transported material; - the comfort and safety of the operator.

These operational advantages are achieved through the use of a highly efficient MTU engine with 1,864 kW (2,500 HP). Together with the General Electric AC electromechanical transmission, the engine provides: - effective start after loading with an excavator; - optimal traction on the road slopes of the quarry; - low operating costs; - excellent compatibility with harsh environments.

The reliability and durability of the load-bearing elements of the dump truck structure (frame, drive axle, front axle) are provided by modern design solutions, confirmed by calculations at all design stages, and BELAZ factory tests, the use of advanced power plants, a high technical level of components, assemblies and the use of high-strength materials in their manufacture.

Good maneuverability and smooth running are achieved due to the optimally selected geometric parameters of the truck and steering, the use of a pneumohydraulic suspension of an original design. Suspension with integrated shock absorber provides shock absorption, lateral roll stability, and frame durability.

The operator's cab is two-seater, of increased comfort, equipped with: - hydrostatic steering; - modern informational liquid crystal display on the dashboard; - highly efficient retarder brake; - ROPS / FOPS safety system for comprehensive operator protection. The large area of windows in the cab provides an excellent view of the road for confident handling of the mining truck.


September 2020

New BELAZ-75312 Truck is ready for production at Klipspruit Colliery!!!

Thank you to our team at our maintenance site for all the hard work, effort and dedication getting our BELAZ truck's mine ready, doing major repairs and keeping them in the best running condition. You all are highly appreciated... "Induvidual actions may seem insignificant, but together the small steps of many people can have astonishing impact"







June 2020

During Covid-19 lockdown, a key safety measure is that community physical or soсial distancing should be instituted to reduce the spread of coronavirus disease and help slow down transmission.

BELAZ Africa kindly assists KBC Health and Safety SA by offering them our training room facilities in Middelburg, so that they can proceed with onboarding, induction training of South 32 employees as the number of allowed people in their classrooms are limited due to social distancing implementations.

KBC is a “go to” provider for Onboarding, Training and Contractor Management Solutions in Southern Africa assisting leading mining companies like Anglo American, Exxaro and South 32 with their Health, Safety and Onboarding training.


5 May 2020

Belaz Continental Race for Belaz company











May 2020

BELAZ Africa takes great pleasure in announcing the expansion of our footprint with the opening of a new branch in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

By opening the Middelburg branch, we are dedicated to demonstrate our determination to promote BELAZ products in the South African market and our neighbouring countries.

At our OFFICES in Middelburg, our highly skilled staff are always committed to provide quality client service and satisfaction and are looking forward in welcoming and meet new clients and customers.

Spare parts stock will be available in our PARTS STORE and will also be maintained in our REPAIR WORKSHOP by our trained and qualified specialists to adhere to all our clients needs ensuring our BELAZ fleet of equipment in operation are always available and ready for production in Mpumalanga and our surrounding operations.

We are grateful for all the success we have accomplished during the past and we are looking forward to new opportunities mapped in our future path..







18 January 2020


The video about the first in the world mining dump truck with the payload capacity of 90 metric tons equipped with electric drive.








29-31 July 2019

Global Trade Show 2019

BELAZ Africa was invited by the Embassy of the Rebublic of Belarus in South Africa to accommodate them by presenting our company at the "Global Trade Show 2019" as our trucks are proudly exported from the BELAZ factory located in Zhodino, Belarus.







04 March 2019

A New corporate movie

BELAZ Africa provided a training course in the design and maintenance of the BELAZ-75312 dump trucks for Klipspruit Colliery's technical personnel from the 27 Feb to 4 March'19.

3 new BELAZ-75312 dump trucks of 240t payload capacity will be delivered to Klipspruit Colliery, South32 in Mpumalanga. These trucks are equipped with MTU engines and AC/AC electric drive transmissions.

At this moment there are 12 BELAZ-75302 (220t) and 4 BELAZ-7513B (136t) in operation at this mine. Thus far 14 mechanics and electricians from Klipspruit Colliery attended the training course being conducted by BELAZ factory head of service department Fiodar Trajan. Fiodar specially visited South Africa for this purpose...

Klipsruit technicians studied all the systems, units and the maintenamce procedure of the BELAZ-75312 truck. All of them received appropriate certificates from BELAZ Africa.



05 May 2018

A New corporate movie

A New corporate movie "Continental Race" is devoted to a 70th anniversary of BELAZ.

The movie is about the unique mining dump trucks manufactured by the company BELAZ that are popular in different parts of the world.

The movie Project name is "BELAZ 70".

We will see simultaneous start of the "Continental Race" movie maraton in Kusbass, Kemerovo, Russia where the trucks succesfully operate at extremely low temperatures (-50c) and in Kathu, Northern Cape, South Africa where the trucks operate at extremely high temperatures (+50c)

Going up against an experienced driver from Siberia representing South Africa behind the steering wheel of a mighty BELAZ 75302 truck is Mr. Azola Bali, an experienced operator and artisan employed by BELAZ Africa for more than 4 years!

Mining dump truck BELAZ 75302 with payload capacity of 220MT have deserved popularity among miners.



23 October 2017

Ambassador of Belarus to South Africa H.E. Mr. Andrei Molchan and the Counselor of the Embassy Mr. Stanislav Ventsel BELAZ-Africa

Ambassador of Belarus to South Africa H.E. Mr. Andrei Molchan and the Counselor of the Embassy Mr. Stanislav Ventsel paid a working visit to Kathu.

of manufacturer of Belarusian mining dump trucks BELAZ – “BELAZ-Africa”, visited its service center and got acquainted with the maintenance system of the BELAZ trucks fleet. The Ambassador admitted the highest level of technical service of BELAZ machinery which is working on the one of the world's largest iron ore mine “Sishen", Anglo American.













October 2017

Modern Mining magazine, October 201

The Recent article about BELAZ trucks in South Africa published in Modern Mining magazine, October 2017

Established in 2005, Modern Mining is one of SA's leading monthly mining magazines, noted for the quality and accuracy of its writing and the breadth of its coverage.







15 August 2017

Ms. Ninien Hamman - being the first woman in South Africa to drive a BELAZ truck

The first woman in South Africa driving a BELAZ truck

As South Africa commemorates women during the month of August, BELAZ Africa is proud to congratulate Ms. Ninien Hamman (23 years old) for being the first woman in South Africa to drive a BELAZ truck while taking part in a 6 weeks operator training course. Ninien is being trained to operate the BELAZ-75302 - 220ton and the BELAZ-75137-130ton trucks haul trucks.

This is proof that behind the steering wheel of a mighty (but very operator-friendly!) BELAZ truck there’s nothing stopping women to show their professional qualities in an environment dominated mostly by men... Well done Ninien and keep going!!











22 April 2017

BELAZ trucks continue operation in Kudumane mine

BELAZ trucks continue operation in Kudumane mine

2 BELAZ haul trucks - one of 130t and other of 90t size - are in continuous operation in Kudumane manganese mine near Hotazel (Northern Cape, South Africa) since December of 2016. The BELAZ trucks reinforced a mixed fleet of equipment which is now at work in this manganese mine - a property of Kudumane Manganese Resources (Pty) Ltd and currently operated by mining contractor 4Arrows. As usually the machines are covered by full BELAZ Africa service with a dedicated team on-site. The client noted dependable performance of BELAZ workhorses and the both sides are now looking to carry on with operation on Kudumane mine site.



17 November 2016

BELAZ trucks reinforced Roux' fleet at Gamsberg zinc project

BELAZ trucks reinforced Roux' fleet at Gamsberg zinc project

BELAZ trucks are back to work at Roux Civils and Mining contractor. Today Roux is providing mining services for Vedanta Resource's Gamsberg mine, a company's flagship zinc project, located about 30km from Aggeneys (Northern Cape, RSA). The project is being developed as an open pit mine on one of the largest known, unexploited zinc ore bodies in the world, which has been discovered more than 40 year ago. BELAZ fleet consists of four 130t electric trucks BELAZ-75137 which feature proven MTU engine and electric transmission combination providing cost-effective and reliable performance in the modern mining applications. These machines were firstly tested in Kolomela iron ore mine by the same Roux contractor and we are proud that our customers remain loyal to the brand. BELAZ Africa in collaboration with MTU South Africa are providing full service support of the equipment and we are confident that BELAZ trucks will contribute to development of an ambitious Gamsberg project.


26 September 2016

Visit BELAZ stand at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas (USA) in September

«MINExpo International» - is one of the biggest international forums where the manufacturers of mining equipment can show their products to the purchasing specialists of different companies. 85% of world-known mining companies are visitors of MINExpo International and 50% of them consider this expo as the most efficient platform.

OJSC “BELAZ" show at open booth two new mining dump trucks: BELAZ-75310 with payload capacity of 240t and BELAZ-75581 with payload capacity of 90t.



20 July 2016

one of BELAZ-7513B (136 MT payload capacity) haul truck unloading material in a Lyleveld mine BELAZ-7513B (136 MT payload capacity)

Three of BELAZ Africa 136 MT haul trucks were assigned a short-term haulage contract in a Lyleveld sector of Sishen iron ore mine. In a challenging times when iron ore prices maintain their historical minimum the iron ore producers are seeking for production options to cut the costs and optimize their expenses. BELAZ trucks operated by TAU Mining in a Lyleveld mine of Sishen project are called upon to cope with a tough target and provide efficient and cost-effective haulage of iron ore from stockpiles to Sishen crusher at a rate of 4.000 t per day and hauling distance about 10 km. Despite of the difficult market conditions BELAZ Africa continues to implement BELAZ technologies in South African mining.



1 October 2015

BAUMA Africa 2015 BAUMA Africa 2015

BAUMA Conexpo 2015, one of the biggest African mining & construction show was closed in Johannesburg on the 18th of September, 2015. BELAZ Africa is proud of being a part of this respected international forum. The company displayed it's 90t hauler which worked between BAUMA 2013 and BAUMA 2015 in the iron ore mining of the Northern Cape. The stand was visited by existing and prospecive customers, suppliers and other interested visitors. We are confident of making a right move to promote BELAZ equipment in the challenging conditions of today's mining industry environment.




31 August 2015

BELAZ Africa at BAUMA Africa 2015 BELAZ Africa at BAUMA Africa 2015!

Not a big deal, you might say… Probably, but not for us… As a developing company we aspire not only to leave a footprint in the South African mining environment but to get a recognition as a solid and reliable supplier of competitive haulage technologies. And hopefully BAUMA Africa is a right place and time to say that to our valuable customers.

And hopefully BAUMA Africa is a right place and time to say that to our valuable customers.

We participated in BAUMA Africa 2013 two years ago with a new 90 mt truck – the unparalleled offer in a market when the truck of this payload capacity features electric drive. After the show that was a clear success for us the truck was sent to Kolomela mine where it clocked 6.000 hours with 95% availability. Enough to say, no need to praise the product more…

We decided not to re-invent the wheel and bring the same truck on the forthcoming BAUMA Africa 2015 show. Let the technology which proved as reliable and productive in a real condition of south African mine speak for itself and be a showcase.

We welcome you on our stand No. OS260at BAUMA Africa 2015 from 15 to 19 September, 2015; the show will be held at Johannesburg Expo Centre.


23 July 2015

BELAZ trucks continue haulage at Sishen mine. BELAZ trucks continue haulage at Sishen mine.

It is not a secret that declining iron ore prices seriously affected the mining industry. Many mines had to resort to different measure in order to respond to the challenges, like to cut production, minimize costs or reduce waste haulage. Obviously suppliers of mining equipment – like BELAZ Africa – are also affected and had to adapt to the changeable environment.

BELAZ trucks continue haulage at G35 sector of Sishen mine (pictured) in South African (pictured) province of Northern Cape. Despite of some serious challenges like reduced tonnage and specific technology requirements (continuous blasting, increased idle time and frequent damages/reconstruction of a haul road) the fleet is meeting the production targets. Thus BELAZ technology makes it’s modest contribution to a feasible task of adapting of modern mining to a challenging and changeable environment.


19 June 2015

Two technicians from South Africa finished a training course at the BELAZ factory in Zhodino, Belarus. Two technicians from South Africa finished a training course at the BELAZ factory in Zhodino, Belarus.

Marnus Boshoff and Reuben Dehuis are employees of Mynbou Rigs Afrika t/a BELAZ Africa and are involved in maintenance and repair of the fleet of BELAZ trucks in Sishen mine. This year they were elected to go to BELAZ factory in Belarus for a training course. It was a first time when they came to Belarus and the purpose of a long trip was to know more about design and maintenance of BELAZ electric drive trucks. And of course - to know a little bit more about the factory, about people who are working there and the machines that are built there. Talking to a reporter of BELAZ newspaper guys admitted that training was particular useful and interesting and provided them with a better understanding how the machine is designed and how it is working. Also Marnus and Reuben highly appraised the job of the factory instructors during the course and said they were absolutely happy with a new experience which included not only lessons and workshop sessions but also the possibility to get to know a new country and its people.

No doubt, the completed training will contribute to a higher standard of maintenance and repairs of BELAZ trucks operated in the mines of South Africa.


3 March 2015

BELAZ Africa branch office and stockhouse in Kathu, Northern Cape is now fully operational.To support its activities in the Northern Cape of South Africa BELAZ Africa has established a new facility in Kathu which will combine a branch office, a service depot and a stockhouse. The office is strategically located to service all the customers of the area and bring them all available technical support & expertise from BELAZ Africa and its team of professionals. This is another important step of the company in an effort to strengthen the presence of BELAZ haulage technologies in the South African region.

Welcome to BELAZ Africa office in Kathu! Our address is 13 Jan Flemming street, contact phone: 060 504 3314.


6 February 2015

BELAZ equipment in the South Africa. Credentials and powers of BELAZ Africa in respect of sale & service of BELAZ equipment in the South Africa has been extended to the December of 2019.








15 December 2014

Visitors at the mine bench taking a look how BELAZ trucks are loaded The last week-end almost all the staff of BELAZ Afrika and their families together with our partners from MTU South Africa attended the corporate party in Kathu (Northern Cape). The party was organized by the company to celebrate the forthcoming Season Holidays and to mark the end of 2014. The event contributed greatly to a building of team-spirit which is important to ensure further sustainable development of the company. BELAZ Africa' Director Mr. Dmitry Venchyk says:

- We are trying to organize such parties every year. I am glad that almost all our employees could come with their families. We are growing company in the very challenging business environment and our staff is growing together with fleet of BELAZ trucks as well and it's important that all our team and their families share the similar values. I hope that next year we will keep the pace and continue the development. I would take an opportunity to send our best Season greetings to all our employees, suppliers & customers!


17 November 2014

Visitors at the mine bench taking a look how BELAZ trucks are loaded BELAZ trucks at Hitricon.Two 220t BELAZ haulers were put into service in Sishen mine. The trucks will replenish the fleet of mining haul trucks operated in this mine by Hitricon contractors. The trucks underwent some technical changes to meet requirements of the customer and were subject to extensive training programs with Hitricon operators who are getting accustomed to the new machines. BELAZ Africa keeps expanding the fleet of BELAZ haulers in Sishecn mine of Kumba Iron Ore (Ltd).




20 August 2014

Visitors at the mine bench taking a look how BELAZ trucks are loaded BlueChip Mining Solutions organized demonstration for it's prospective customers at Khudumane mine site. This event has had for an object to demonstarte the up-to-date mining technologies and excavation, loading and haualge process that BlueChip Mining Solutions is utilizing in this manganese open-pit mine in the Northern Cape. One of the important attraction of the demonstration was a fleet of 130t BELAZ haul trucks recently commissioned at the mine. We are proud to be a part of sustainable development of BlueChip Mining Solutions and do hope to become an integral part of the company fleets in the new projects.


24 July 2014

Assembling of BELAZ-7513B trucks at Khudumane Mine Site In Kolomela mine BELAZ Africa continues a lease of 90t BELAZ-75581 truck to mining contractor Roux Engineering. The most interesting feature about this machine that presumably it is the smallest mining truck in the world with AC-AC electric drive. This machine represents a real breakthrough for BELAZ and the unit operated by Roux Engineering holds the serial number # 2. Despite of this "beginner' status" the truck is demonstarting solid performance with mechanical availability exceeding 95%. Johan Roux, Managing director and co-owner of Roux Engineering is speaking:

- We are happy with this machine. It was a certain risk to take this truck because we knew that it was a new machine and a new concept for BELAZ. But the machine gave absolutely no reasons for concern. It is efficient, very quick on the gradients and operator - friendly. Technical support and attention from Mynbou Rigs are also very helpful.


21 July 2014

Assembling of BELAZ-7513B trucks at Khudumane Mine Site BELAZ Africa in close coopeation with Blue Chip Mining finished assembling of BELAZ-7513B haul trucks at Khudumane manganese mine (Northern Cape, South Africa). The trucks will be incorporated in the Blue Chip Mining fleet in the said mine and being the largest haulage units in the fleet are supposed to provide efficient haulage of overburden. 130t haulage units are the first BELAZ machines for Blue Chip Mining and the company hopes to increase it's production by applying this type of machines. The operation of the trucks under the lease contract is expected to start very soon. BELAZ Africa will provide after-sale support of the fleet.

The trucks feature proven MTU diesel engine combined to AC-AC electric drive from Russian supplier.


25 June 2014

Assembling of BELAZ-7513B trucks at Khudumane Mine Site Mynbou Rigs Afrika started assembling of BELAZ-7513B trucks at the assembling ground in Khudumane Manganese mine (in proximity to the town of Hotazel in Northern Cape province of RSA). This became possible after Mynbou reached an agreement with reputed mining contractor Blue Chip Mining (Pty) Ltd. At the moment the BELAZ fleet will comprise of 3 units and will join the other haul trucks of Blue Chip in the mine. The truck features 130 Mt payload capacity, MTU engine and up-to-date AC-AC electric drive. The trucks are supposed to enhance production volumes of Blue Chip and the company does not rule out the increase of the BELAZ trucks fleet in the nearest future.


10 June 2014

Off-loading of the trucks on the assembling plots of Hitricon HEMC. Mynbou Rigs Afrika (BELAZ Africa) supplied two 220t BELAZ trucks for Hitricon HEMC (Pty) Ltd. The agreement envisages 5 years lease of the trucks in Sishen iron ore mine operation where Hitricon is implementing loading & haulage contract for Anglo American – Kumba.

The parties agreed to discuss the increase of the fleet of BELAZ trucks immediately after the commissioning of the first units.