Haul trucks – mining


The variety of dependable and productive units for mining applications includes the machines of 90, 130, 170, 220-240 and 320 – 360 m.t. payload capacity. All featured models are equipped with proven engines and electrical transmissions to bring the maximum output and efficiency.

Payload capacity, m.t. 90
Engine model CUMMINS QST30-C
Power, kW@1900 rpm 783
Body capacity heaped, m3 53,3
Gross vehicle weight, m.t. 164
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Payload capacity, m.t. 136
Engine model MTU 12V4000
Power, kW@1900 rpm 1193
Body capacity heaped, m3 75,0
Gross vehicle weight, m.t. 238
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Payload capacity, m.t. 170
Engine model CUMMINS QSK 45-C
Power, kW@1900 rpm 1491
Body capacity heaped, m3 96,5
Gross vehicle weight, m.t. 294
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Payload capacity, m.t. 240
Engine model MTU 16V4000
Power, kW@1900 rpm 1864
Body capacity heaped, m3 141,1
Gross vehicle weight, m.t. 401,5
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Payload capacity, m.t. 290
Engine model CUMMINS QSK 60-C
Power, kW@1900 rpm 2125 (2850)
Body capacity heaped, m3 170.6
Gross vehicle weight, m.t. 500
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Payload capacity, m.t. 360
Engine model CUMMINS QSK 78-C
Power, kW@2100 rpm 2610
Body capacity heaped, m3 199,0
Gross vehicle weight, m.t. 560
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