BELAZ – is one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing of haulage and earthmoving equipment.

Founded in 1948, the factory maintains a status of flagship of Belarussian industry for many years. For more than a 70 years history the company produced about 140 thousands of vehicles which all were hard at work not only on the immense territories of the Soviet Union but in 70 countries all around the globe.

Beginning from the 90’s of the last century the company faced the necessity to adapt itself to the new economic environment but the company remained solid to broaden the product line of the haul trucks and even top launch all-new products for road construction and metallurgical production. BELAZ continued sustainable growth in the new century and actually it is the company which benefits from own designing and research basis, up-to-date production facilities and management, qualified and motivated staff; and all the factors are brought together to produce reliable and competitive heavy-duty equipment for mining, construction and other industries. The BELAZ machines feature improved power-to-weight ratio, smooth ride and comfortable working environment, good controllability and overall reliability. The trucks gained reputation of efficient haulers for mining, quarrying and construction applications in the Arctic North or Tropical South.

Being a flagship of the Belarussian industry BELAZ is implementing a program of technical re-equipment and this enables to provide higher quality, economic effectiveness and reliability of the products. The Quality Management System applied in research & development, fabrication, erection and after-sale service of the equipment complies with international ISO 9000 standards.