Mission & vision


Commitment to quality is of high importance in all the aspects of our job, we mean quality of our services, quality of the job done by each individual employee of the company and an overall quality of the products that we offer on the market.

It’s not a piece of news for anyone involved in the mining equipment business that this is a highly competitive marketplace which is subject to many changes and fluctuations and dependant on a lot of factors. To succeed here one must, firstly, like his job. The other “secret” is the quality and we are trying to provide better quality of all the services for our valuable customers.

Personnel. To follow serious tasks, the highly-skilled staff is one of the most concurrent provision. To meet this criteria we are able to provide a balanced combination of a long experience in mining equipment business and fresh views and thoughts. For implementation of the South African project we are offering a high professional level of our staff and what is not of less importance – we do our best to keep our people motivated for development and improvements.

Development. Both ourselves and BELAZ factory gained good results during last years but it’s not a good time to stop and enjoy ourselves. One of our basic priorities is a sustainable development and we try to go head in our business. We try to develop both the array of the markets where we operate and the line of the products we offer.

Customers. We appreciate our customers and do our best to allow for their requirements and recommendations. The points of major importance, like selection of optimal specification and optional equipment, requirements to financial facilities or scope of technical service and back-up (not mentioning all of the of course!) are all subject to careful consideration together with the customer and his interests shall be a fundamental point for that.

Our relationships with the customer do not end with supply of the equipment. Further operation of the fleet, technical back-up which may range from , warranty issues or delivery of spare parts are all the questions to solve in close contact with our customers.