BELAZ Africa provided a training course in the design and maintenance of the BELAZ-75312 dump trucks for Klipspruit Colliery's technical personnel from the 27 Feb to 4 March'19.

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3 new BELAZ-75312 dump trucks of 240t payload capacity will be delivered to Klipspruit Colliery, South32 in Mpumalanga. These trucks are equipped with MTU engines and AC/AC electric drive transmissions.

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Message from a Senior Management

Dmitry Venchyk. This is a well-known fact for many years and especially for the professionals in our industry that BELAZ is a leading supplier of haulage equipment on the markets of Russia, ex-USSR and neighboring countries. But this is changeable and today the fleets of haul trucks with BELAZ trade name are working in large South African mines and what is the most important for us is that the advantages of our machines were noted and appreciated by the South African end-users.

We hope that the information on these pages will be useful both for our existing and prospective customers and partners. We would be pleased if this web-site open for you a door to the BELAZ’ world.

The company is open for all your enquiries or comments which will always receive careful attention from our staff.

Dmitry Venchyk
Managing Director - Mynbou Rigs Afrika (Pty) Ltd.